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H2020 The Eurostars programme

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Eurostars is a programme that supports research-performing small and medium enterprises, which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage.

The Eurostars programme is a funding and support programme, aimed at R&D-performing SMEs that wish to exploit the benefits that come with international collaboration.

Eurostars is a joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of 34 Eurostars Participating States and Partner Countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020.


  • Transnational,
  • Started and led by an SME,
  • Involve at least two partners from two different Eurostars participating country,
  • Involve at least one other partner from another Eurostars participating country, and
  • Last no longer than three years.


  • The project leader is an R&D-performing SME
  • The project leader is from a Eurostars Country; i.e. a Eurostars Participating state or a Eurostars Partner country
  • The project contains at least two legal entities that are independent of one another
  • The consortium is a partnership hosted by at least two different Eurostars countries; i.e. a Eurostars Participating state or a Eurostars Partner country. 
  • The budget (excluding subcontracting) of the R&D-performing SME(s) located in Eurostars Participating state(s) or Partner Country(ies) is equal to at least 50.00% of the total project budget.
  • No single entity is responsible for more than 75.00 % of the project budget.
  • The participant(s) from a given country may not be responsible for more than 75.00 % of the total project budget.
  • The project duration is 36.0 months or fewer
  • Market introduction is within 24.0 months of the project’s completion.
  • The project meets the EUREKA criteria and must have a civilian purpose.
  • Each of the participating organisations in the consortium is a legal entity in the host country.
  • None of the participating organisations have convictions for fraudulent behaviour, other financial irregularities or illegal business practices.
  • None of the participating organisations have been declared bankrupt or are in the process of being declared bankrupt.


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