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Below are the main details concerning Interreg Europe. We're able to assist with all aspects of grant funding, from the initial stages of assessing your eligibility & options, right through to submitting applications & planning the long-term draw down of the funds. 

To find out further details about these funds and your eligibility, please call us on 01392 427860 or email 


Cooperation, collaboration and community engagement are at the heart of Interreg Europe. These ‘3 C’s’ are incorporated into our two main support services with the aim to aid understanding and critical thinking by creating space for new ideas, different perspectives and collective learning.

1. Interregional Cooperation Projects

Interreg Europe will co-finance up to 85% of project activities that you carry out in partnership with other policy organisations based in different countries in Europe.

Through interregional cooperation projects, you and your partners must identify a common interest and then work together for 3-5 years.

2. Policy Learning Platforms

The four Policy Learning Platforms aim to facilitate continuous learning among organisations dealing with regional development policies in Europe in order to improve the way they design and implement their public policies in the areas Interreg supports, which are as previously stated:

  1. Research and Innovation,
  2. SME competitiveness,
  3. Low-carbon economy,
  4. The environment and resource efficiency.


Many regions are reviewing their European activity in the context of budget pressures. Interreg Europe can help your city and/or region in the following ways:

  1. Financial support – funding is available for interregional cooperation projects, which have the potential to lead to longer term collaborations and partnerships
  2. Peer learning – gain insights and experience from a range of exchange and learning opportunitieswith your peers across Europe
  3. Expert advice and skills – these can be solicited through policy platform personnel and your country representatives
  4. Policy into practice – make a tangible difference by translating EU policy into on the ground action
  5. Bottom-up policy development – by using the results and positive impact of your successful projects to serve as evidence for feeding into EU and national policies
  6. Save time – rather than reinventing the wheel, find out what solutions to sustainable development challenges already exist in other parts of Europe. A problem shared, is a problem solved!
  7. Organisational and professional development – bring collaborative learnings back home for the benefit of you, your organisation and those you serve
  8. Expand your network – meet new like-minded partners, stakeholders and business friends across Europe
  9. Build an international profile – among your project peers and with the EU institutions

Make people happy! Your citizens and communities are relying on you to make their city/region a place of economic, social and environmental progress and possibility. Interreg Europe can help make this happen.

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If you'd like to know more about your eligibility for the large sum of financial aid provided through grant funding, please contact us via or on 01392 427860 and talk to Mareike, Tom or Alex directly.