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European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF)





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OPENS:                         20 March 2015
FUNDING TYPE:           Grant
FUNDING BODY:          UK Government/EU
FUNDING AMOUNT:     £60m available
NEXT STEP:                  Proposal call
DUE DATE:                    30 October 2015




This is a local and national Technical Assistance call looking for projects which will deliver support for the development of projects, capacity building and publicity activities.

The government have announced funding calls under the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) and, as part of this are currently inviting bids for business support programmes to run over three years in the South West areas. Some of this funding will translate into regional grant schemes that businesses can apply for directly.
This call is open to projects which are looking to operate on both a local or national basis.

The Managing Authorities work closely with local partners who provide: 

•    Practical advice and information to the Managing Authorities to assist in the preparation of local plans which contribute towards Operational Programme priorities and targets.
•    Local intelligence to the Managing Authorities in the development of project calls (decided by the Managing Authorities) that reflect Operational Programme and local development needs as well as match funding opportunities.
•    Advice on local economic growth conditions and opportunities within the context of Operational Programmes and the local ESIF Strategy to aid the Managing Authority’s assessments at outline and full application stage. 


Public and voluntary sector bodies who are legally constituted and able to enter into a legally binding contract can apply for Technical Assistance funding. Applicant organisations include, but are not limited to: 

•    Local Authorities.
•    Statutory and non-statutory publicly funded organisations/bodies. 
•    Universities.
•    Voluntary / community organisations.
•    Registered charities.
•    Not for profit organisations. 

Activities which cannot be supported through Technical Assistance (the list of activities which will not be supported is not exhaustive);

•    Activities which are not directly related to the delivery of the European Regional Development Fund or European Social Fund funds.
•    General organisational administrative support.
•    The co-ordination and management of European Regional Development Fund or European Social Fund activities through Local Enterprise Partnerships / European Structural and Investment Funds committees.
•    Using European Regional Development Fund Technical Assistance for European Social Fund related activities and vice versa.

Applications will be assessed by the Managing Authority using the following criteria: 

•    Applicant eligibility.
•    Activity and expenditure eligibility.
•    The fit with the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme and the call. 
•    Fit with the Technical Assistance guidance.
•    The call. 


If you think you could benefit from this funding, or would like to know more about other funds you might be eligible for, please do not hesitate to contact us, on:

01392 427860