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EDR Pilot Scheme


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OPENS:                              Now
FUNDING TYPE:             Grant
FUNDING BODY:           Department of Energy & Climate Change
KEY DRIVER:                   Energy efficiency, energy savings & reductions
FUNDING AMOUNT:     Dependent
NEXT STEP:                      Register then Application
DUE DATE:                       Register by 3rd Sept /full applications 15th Oct 



The EDR Pilot aims to test whether projects that deliver lasting electricity savings at peak, could in future compete for funding with generation, demand side response (DSR) and storage in the GB Capacity Market.
If you’re thinking of improving your motor or pump systems, replacing your old light fittings with LED’s, or making any other improvement to your building or electrical equipment, which would deliver lasting peak time electricity savings; you could be eligible to take part.



The scheme and Handbook have been re-designed to take account of key lessons to date from Phase I, including: 

•    The minimum project size they will accept has halved to 50kW. 
•    More time is available to install measures, with a choice of delivery of savings either over winter 2016/17 or winter 2017/18, but not both. 
•    They are allowing greater scope for successful projects to develop over time, so giving you the option at the application stage to include unspecified savings that can be bid into the auction, and the ability to make changes to your agreed project after the auction as a result of business need. 
•    You may bid (and ultimately have a Participant Agreement for) a lower level of capacity savings than are listed in your M&V documents – this allows participants the option to help manage their own risk of under-delivery and the consequential reduced payments. 
•    Registration and evidence requirements have been made simpler, including making payback at project level rather than site level.
•    Providing some payments for savings after installation, but this payment is contingent on delivery of the savings you have committed to. 
•    Introducing new Auction rules mirroring more closely the Capacity Market.



All measures included in an application must be expected to deliver capacity savings during the relevant winters through: 

•    The installation of equipment which replaces less efficient measures; OR 
•    The installation of insulation or other thermal envelope improvements in buildings that are electrically heated. Such measures might include, but are not limited to, new external wall insulation or window replacements; OR
•    The installation of Building Energy Management Systems which result in winter peak electricity reductions. These may also include the installation of IT or software which can actively control electrical equipment, but not software which makes passive recommendations which need to be enacted by the user. 



They will pay for the agreed capacity savings you deliver during the winter peak – 4-8pm on weekdays (excluding GB wide Bank Holidays) between November and February. Payments are phased, with 20% payable following installation, 60% following the Winter Capacity Savings Report (WCSR) and a final 20% following the Final Report and participation in evaluation. The payments you receive will be reduced, or may need to be repaid, if you do not deliver all your agreed savings.
If you have a successful application that is one of the winners at Auction, they will send you an offer of a Participant Agreement in January 2016 
The Participant Agreement will set out the total EDR Payment you can receive for the delivery of all savings in your chosen delivery year of 2016/17 or 2017/18 
The total payment is based on a calculation of: 

•    The number of kW you bid into the Auction 
•    The price of the highest accepted bid in the Auction, rather than the price you bid


If you think you could benefit from this funding, or would like to know more about other funds you might be eligible for, please do not hesitate to contact us, on:

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