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Sharing in Growth - Aerospace


KEY DRIVER: Driving the productivity of UK Aerospace to compete globally, securing 10,000 jobs by 2020. Developing highly valued manufacturing for this generation and the next. 


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Sharing in Growth UK Ltd (SiG)
£80k - £1 million
Expression of Interest.
Next EOI date 30th June 2016.


Sharing in Growth is an ambitious transformation programme which raises the capability of UK aerospace suppliers in order to share in the growth of aerospace and other global markets.

To capitalise on this, suppliers need to constantly invest in their ability to deliver competitive performance. To support this, Sharing in Growth UK Ltd was set up in 2013 specifically to deliver a £110M programme of intensive supplier development over four years to 30 to 40 UK suppliers. 

The scheme provides concentrated training and development programmes tailored to the assessed needs of each supplier and targeted at world class standards of performance. The training and development covers all relevant disciplines, including lean operations, manufacturing processes, purchasing, cost modelling and leadership.

Sharing in Growth UK Ltd (SiG) is an independent organisation created with:

  • £80m by the Regional Growth Fund
  • The agility to deliver this ambitious programme
  • The controls to effectively use public and private funding.


Sharing in Growth is an intense programme of business development designed specifically to accelerate growth in your business. Consequently you will need to integrate this into your business plan and commit people accordingly.

The Key Performance Indicator of this programme is growth. This will be measured by the value of contracts you retain or win, as a result of this programme. Sharing in Growth UK Ltd will use this information to assess economic impact in the UK, including jobs.

To comply with Regional Growth Fund conditions, you will be required to report progress towards agreed targets specified in the Beneficiary Agreement and confirm of your in-kind contribution.


It is expected that sites with a turnover of between £10M and £40M will benefit most from this level of intensity and that each site improvement programme would require approximately £1M of Regional Growth Fund support to deliver. Any Regional Growth Fund support would need to be financially matched by the applicant in line with State Aid rules.

SiG works best with those suppliers that:

  • Strive to be globally competitive
  • Have the ambition to grow
  • Aspire to move from good to great

The criteria for eligibility is important to show you can absorb the training into your company, the key criteria is your ambition to grow. You must also fulfill the following:

  • UK manufacturer
  • Working in the UK aerospace sector or associated industries
  • Willing to commit to this intensive supplier development programme
  • Willing to grow and increase sales and have the capacity and capital to do so
  • Have the appetite to take your company’s performance from good to great

The programme provides approximately £1 million of Regional Growth Fund support per project over four years. You must match the cost of the support with an equivalent in kind contribution, typically from the cost of your people being trained. 

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