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KEY DRIVER: You could be eligible for a Growth Programme grant if your business is carrying out a project to create jobs or bring more money into the rural economy.


Opens                              Now  
Funding Body                RDPE Growth
Funding Amount           £35K upwards
Next Deadline                31 January 2018  

There are 3 types of grant:

Business development
To help rural businesses grow and create more jobs. 

Grant funding can help pay for: 
•    constructing or improving buildings
•    buying new equipment and machinery
•    farm diversification. 
Only small businesses with less than 50 employees can apply.

  1. Only small and micro businesses (and farmers who are diversifying) are eligible to apply, and your project must be in a rural area.
  2. These grants are for:
    1. small businesses or micro businesses, including social enterprises in rural areas
    2. farmers (or members of the farm household) diversifying into non-agricultural activities
  3. Funding amount is £35k to £170k
  4. Match funding is 40%
  5. You can spend money on:

                                                    i.     constructing or improving buildings

                                                   ii.     buying new equipment and machinery


Food processing
Food and drink businesses that process agricultural and horticultural products.

Examples include meat, milk, grain and root vegetables.
Grant funding can help pay for:  
•    constructing or improving buildings
•    buying new equipment and machinery
Any size business can apply, but priority will be given to micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Your project is more likely to get a grant if it achieves at least 2 of the below

•    Creates at least 1 FTE job for every £30,000 of grant funding
•    Increases the turnover and profitability of a business
•    Provides direct benefits to the farmers and growers who supply the raw materials, particularly local farmers and growers
•    Helps you sell more products locally, nationally and through exports
•    Introduces new techniques, equipment or processes to a business to make it more productive

Rural tourism infrastructure
The grants will help fund the costs of capital expenditure on tourism infrastructure.

The aim is to support projects that will encourage more tourists to come, to stay longer and to spend more money in rural areas.
If the project is commercial and intended to make a profit, only small businesses and farmers who want to diversify can apply. If the project is not expected to make a profit, a wide range of organisations can apply.
Your project is more likely to get a grant if it achieves at least 2 of the below
•    Creates at least 1 FTE job for every £30,000 of grant funding. 
•    Attracts tourists outside the usual period of May to October
•    Creates or develops tourist attractions and infrastructure to increase the range of attractions available locally, encourage tourists to stay longer and increase their spend
•    The project provides benefits to the wider tourism economy in the rural area

The RDPE Growth Programme provides funding for projects in England. If you think your business fits these criteria above get in touch.