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Faraday Challenge


To boost UK expertise in battery technology by delivering a coordinated programme of competitions that will advance R&D in the field.


Opens                          Now
Funding Body             Innovate UK
Funding Amount         £45M
Deadline                      13/14th September 2017

Faraday Challenge streams

The Faraday Challenge’s competitions are actually divided into three streams – research, innovation and scale-up – designed to translate UK research into market-ready technology.

Feasibility: To support world class research and training in battery materials, technologies and manufacturing processes, the government has opened a competition, led by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), to bring the best minds and facilities together to create a virtual Battery Institute. The successful consortium of universities will be responsible for undertaking research looking to address the key industrial challenges in this area.

R&D: The most promising research completed by the Institute will be moved closer to the market through collaborative research and development competitions, led by Innovate UK. The initial competitions will build on the best of current world-leading science already happening in the UK and helping make the technology more accessible for UK businesses.

Scale: To further develop the real-world use and application of battery technology the government has opened a competition, led by the Advanced Propulsion Centre, to identify the best proposition for a new state-of-the-art open access National Battery Manufacturing Development facility.

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