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Top 10 Tips for Grant Writing Success

With every fund having different terms and criteria, here are our Top 10 Tips for Grant Writing Success. 


Click here for a downloadable PDF of all our top tips.


Include a description of the key team members and any partners, paying attention to why this team will succeed. Address any weaknesses in the team by partnering or outsourcing.



Discuss what funds have you secured to date, how much more that you need and how you propose to navigate that funding gap.

Read guidelines on what can be included as match funding e.g. overheads, staff, travel, land, capital, cash, other grants etc. 



Include an annotated project plan with milestones, time frames, responsibilities and a description of how this will be monitored.

Use a recognised project plan approach e.g. a Gantt chart.



Demonstrate the work that has been undertaken to date and convince the funder that your project only needs funding to succeed.

Include a quote from a potato customer or stakeholder e.g. "If this project was running it would really help my business".



The next stage will be to explain the USP of the project and how this advantage will be protected once the project is live.

Try explaining the USP to seven people who aren't aware of the project to hone your answer.



You will need to include a description of the approach your project will take to adopt to funding, delivery and on-going management.

Ensure that you include a SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.



You must do some comprehensive market analysis into competition, history, size and nature including potential partners. Try and  avoid stating a small share of a large market e.g "we will secure 1% of the £3billion market".



 There are a few important questions that need to be addressed when writing your application: Why must this project happen now, in this place, with this team and why does it deserve funding over other projects?

Try and mention legislation's or political hot topics that your project addresses e.g. "The lights are going to go out in the next 3 years if we don't act now according to the national grid."



Our next top tip is to create a list of the project impacts with justifications for each one. You really need to focus on the medium to long term.

Try and quantify the benefits wherever possible.  Figures that can be evidenced are powerful e.g. "Savings of 3000t of CO2 over then next 20 years based on Defra report".



To begin your grant application you must first include a mission or vision statement that describes the inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of your project in simple terms.

Try and make the name reflect the benefit of the project e.g. Rather than "new biomass boiler at Grange Hill school" go for something more like  "Grange Hill Energy Education Project".

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