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The team at Granted Consultancy share a common desire to make projects happen. We achieve this by identifying opportunities, understanding the barriers to success and helping our clients on the journey to realising their projects.

How does your sector and location affect your grant funding eligibility?


Granted have combined 20 years experience in the grants sector. From both experience and our own research (such as our GRANT REPORT) we gained a depth of knowledge unmatched by professionals working outside this niche field. One of the questions we hear most often is; 'How do I know if my business is eligible?'

A fantastic starting point for this is, with your sector, since most funding opportunities are offered on the basis of project or sector support. The following pages have been designed to make each sectors position within Grant Funding as clear and accessible as possible.

How does your sector and location affect your grant funding eligibility?

Different locations prioritise different sectors, through a number of criteria. The sectors we find are most commonly supported through grant funding are the following;








According to our Grant Report, a staggering 61% of Economic Development Funding has been allocated to businesses in the Manufacturing Sector, 84% of Economic Development funding was allocated to Medium and Large businesses

On these pages you will discover:  

  • Grants currently open to your sector.

  • Is your sector prioritised within your region?.  

  • Which funding bodies favour your sector? 

  • Eligible Grant Funding expenditure.

  • Are you eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

  • How much funding has Granted already won for businesses like yours? 


This list of sectors is by no means exhaustive. Grant funding offers hundreds of thousands and often in excess of £1m in funding towards business projects. It's important to note that Grant funding, whilst hugely rewarding is a complex and time consuming matter. To date Granted have secured over £25,000,000 of funding for our clients. With new funds opening every day, we're always looking to assist new and innovative projects.


Granted offer a free phone call and initial meeting to discuss your eligibility and options. If you are still unsure please call us on 01392 427860 or email or fill in the form below.

If you think you could benefit from this funding, or would like to know more about other funds you might be eligible for, please do not hesitate to contact us, on:

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