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Specialists in securing grant funding

The team at Granted Consultancy share a common desire to make projects happen. We achieve this by identifying opportunities, understanding the barriers to success and helping our clients on the journey to realising their projects.


We are funding specialists covering the U.K. and E.U. and provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients with a specialism in grant funding for businesses. The services we offer are built on knowledge and trust. They fall into three main categories, Grant Writing Services, Funding Services and Project Development. Read on to find out more about our services, check your eligibility for grant funding or discover our expertise in your particular sector.


Our successful Grant Writing Service differentiates us from our competitors and is a major factor in ensuring the projects we work with are successful. Having submitted hundreds of Grant Funding applications, our sector expertise puts our clients at a strong advantage to many other applicants. 

The Grant Funding Landscape is complex, changeable and often opaque – our objective is to simplify the strategy by helping match grant funding opportunities to your projects (Grant Scope), preparing your business for grants (Grant Portfolio) and developing winning bids (Grant Applications).

Our skills in developing complex bids and financial models to help our clients secure grant funding has a extension into wider business funding services. Our services therefore extend to Business Planning for VC Funding, Angel Funding, Accelerators and Crowdfunding. We have worked with clients to securing external investments to complement Grant Funding and as a stand alone funding strategy. 

The team at Granted Consultancy have developed an extensive network of contacts in the business funding sector that will help your business secure the funding it needs to succeed. 


We see project development as a relationship between you and us over the course of the multiple projects your business undertakes. Whether it is a project to bring a disruptive fintech innovation to market, undertake feasibility into a unique marketplace in the circular economy, build a prototype electric engine, develop a cutting edge degree apprenticeship training centre, fund a renewable energy development or invest in infrastructure to grow your business – our team can help based on a proven approach and knowledge.


R&D tax credits are available to every EU based company and offer an excellent opportunity to re-coup expenditure on Research and Development costs. You can claim 2 years back and for all associated costs to receive a rebate on corporation tax or a cash payment.

Once the grant has been awarded we are able to offer our grant project management service to help companies successfully navigate the post-award phases,  maximising the impact of the funding while minimising the impact of funding administration. Our grant project management service will ensure successful Initial Compliance and Project Start and smooth on-going compliance and funding drawdown.





Granted have particular expertise in securing funding in the following areas. If you think your business or project might be eligible please get in touch. Our first discussion to assess your project's eligibility is free of charge.









  • Health & Life Science

  • Aerospace

  • ICT

  • Low carbon/Environmental Tech

  • Advanced Engineering /Engineering

  • Advanced Manufacturing/Manufacturing

  • Agritech

  • Business Support Services

  • Digital & Creative

  • Marine

  • Agriculture

  • Cutting edge R&D

  • Education

  • Professional Services

  • Tourism

  • Big Data

  • Construction

  • Information Economy

  • Military and Defence

  • Nuclear

  • Airport & Port Developments

  • Media

  • Oil, gas, offshore wind

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Photonics

  • Smart Infrastructure



We're happy to discuss projects and eligibility with anyone looking into Grant Funding. Email or call us on 01392 427860 to speak to one of our directors. Alternatively, you can request an Eligibility Assessment through the form below. 


Some regions of the UK are supported by the government to aid growth in these areas, and are therefore eligible for more funding. These areas are called 'Assisted Areas'. Click the button below to see if you fall within an assisted area. 


Below are the types of grant which are available, full details can be viewed by clicking the button below: 

  • Business Growth Grants

  • Training Grants

  • Social Enterprise Grants


  • Research and Development Grants

  • Infrastructure Grants

  • Inter-regional Grant Programmes


Granted pride themselves on providing partners with a new angle to a fresh set of clients. We have helped partners gain quality and long-lasting relationships with new clients. From event partnering and professional speaking to outsourced expertise and white-label content, Granted are able to provide partnership and expertise through a number of pathways.

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Granted Consultancy is a leading provider of funding services to ambitious businesses in the UK and EU with specific expertise in identifying and securing grant funding. Our experienced team works across tech, digital, advanced engineering & manufacturing, public and third sectors to help develop and fund ambitious projects. We continue to work with clients on Grant, Angel, VC, Crowd and Accelerator Funding options to unlock exciting and disruptive projects in the UK, EU and worldwide. To find out more, contact us on 0203 507 1903 (London) or 01392 427860 (Exeter) or contact us online.