Granted Consultancy Ltd

Specialists in securing grant funding

The team at Granted Consultancy share a common desire to make projects happen. We achieve this by identifying opportunities, understanding the barriers to success and helping our clients on the journey to realising their projects.


We see project development as a relationship between you and us over the course of the project. Whether it is a project to take control of a community asset, develop a 5MW solar park or build and operate a new educational facility, we are are able to bring experience of delivering successful projects.





In order to understand you and your organisation we offer an initial free onsite meeting. This gives us a chance to find out some key facts, view the site and/or premises and start to formulate a plan for the next stage. 


The next step is to commission our team to carry out an options appraisal report based on the initial meeting and if available use initial figures from your organisation. Our report will be broken into mini-options that are costed and presented with associated risks and opportunities.


No matter how ambitious the project in the long-term, the most important step is the one from concept to sustainable operation. The sustainability planning phase of our work focuses on the core elements of the project, to ensure that priority is given to ensure the project pays for itself in the short-term.


Once the key outcomes have been defined, our next step is to plan how to fund the ongoing project. For example, could you source grant and loan finance to own the project, or would a better solution be to bring in a finance partner. Our team has extensive experience in securing a variety of financial solutions for projects.


Project management is the practice of bringing a plan into action by managing risks, stakeholders and operations. Granted has worked alongside clients to deliver multiple high profile projects including new buildings, large scale energy projects, mixed-use developments and corporate strategies. 

We have experienced and qualified project managers who will work to make the delivery of the project as smooth as possible based on proven methodologies. 

Granted puts an emphasis on being on the side of our client and obtaining the best result possible. Get in touch today to arrange a free initial meeting to understand how we can help.

Granted Consultancy is a leading provider of funding services to ambitious businesses in the UK and EU with specific expertise in identifying and securing grant funding. Our experienced team works across tech, digital, advanced engineering & manufacturing, public and third sectors to help develop and fund ambitious projects. We continue to work with clients on Grant, Angel, VC, Crowd and Accelerator Funding options to unlock exciting and disruptive projects in the UK, EU and worldwide. To find out more, contact us on 0203 507 1903 (London) or 01392 427860 (Exeter) or contact us online.