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The team at Granted Consultancy share a common desire to make projects happen. We achieve this by identifying opportunities, understanding the barriers to success and helping our clients on the journey to realising their projects.


Granted are able to offer assistance with securing government tax credits (rebates) for R&D projects. 

R&D tax credits are available to every UK based company and offer an excellent opportunity to re-coup expenditure on Research and Development costs. You can claim 2 years back and for all associated costs to receive a rebate on corporation tax or a cash payment. 

To date, Granted has a 100% success rate on claiming R&D Tax Credits, including businesses which self-excluded or had been told they were ineligible by other professionals.

“We use Granted to prepare our R&D tax credits claim – they were efficient, didn’t need much of my time and (most importantly) successful! I would recommend them to businesses that are investing in products, processes or services."

Mark Bristow - Crowdstacker

"Granted manage our R&D tax credit claims and we are impressed – the team are professional, experienced and understand the eligible costs. We are looking forward to receiving the tax credits every year as part of our companies funding mix. I would recommend you get in touch with them and see if you can claim."

Vikas Sharma - Instantt

You can download our R&D tax credits case study to find out how we have helped businesses like yours to claim tax credits.


  • R&D Relief enables companies that incur costs in developing new products, processes or services to receive a corporation tax deduction or, if trading at a loss, a cash payment from HMRC.
  • The average annual claim for an SME claimant across the UK is over £46,000.
  • Any limited company that performs R&D activities can claim R&D Relief.
  • R&D activities are defined as: 

‘Projects that seek to achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology through the resolution of specific challenges’.

  • All claims and adjustments must be made within two years and your company can only claim if it is required to complete a corporation tax return. 


It is essential for us to get to know your aims and your project thoroughly in order to maximise your chances of success. We have a tried and tested process which we follow, and we find gives us the opportunity to truly get to know our clients:

1. Firstly we will have an initial conversation about your company’s recent R&D based projects. 

2. We’ll require you to fill out a short questionnaire to get some more detail.

3. Once we’re within the application process stages we’ll require account and project specifics from you.

4. We’ll draft a tax claim and a final claim submission will then be made.

The total time from start to finish is usually  about 4 months.

The first meeting is free and with no commitment - a good way to gain an understanding of what your needs are. Drop us a line to find out more:

We have prepared a simplified guide to the whole process that you can download by filling in the form here:

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